Magical Mushrooms and Music 

Where do we find moments of magic and ecstasy?  These fleeting moments can be found virtually everywhere . . . be it within the throes of passion, creating something, herbal medicine, a good book, a long awaited goal finally reached.     For some, it is induced through natural herbs and medicines like Ayahuasca, Peyote, and African Dream Root. For others, it is found on the mental planes, while thinking of elegant solutions to mathematical equations.  Still, others find magic in resting and doing nothing, because it is so rare that they get a moment to slow down. 

For me, I’ve always found ecstasy in music.  I thought everyone felt this, but this is not necessarily so.  There is a small percentage of people who don’t like music at all, or they are indifferent to it.  Neuroscientists suggest that people who don’t enjoy music have a different kind of wiring in the frontal cortex.  They find their deepest joy in something else.  There is even a name for people who don’t like music . . . “specific musical anhedonia”, or the inability to derive pleasure from music.  There is also “amusia” (or tone-deafness) which is the inability to synthesize music because one cannot recognize differences in tone or pitch. It is very specific and has nothing to do with the intelligence level of the person– the person may be a genius in other areas. 

I also understand it from this perspective:  there are a lot of things that others like that I don’t.  I get no real pleasure when my “home team” scores a touch down because I’ve lived  in so many different places.  But there are people who LIVE AND DIE  for their home team– it’s their whole life and I suppose they must derive great ecstasy from the game.  I’m rather one to appreciate hard earned, olympian skill, and I’m not so excited by what region they’re from. 

This is just an example.  I’ve also taken hallucinogens and had nothing happen.  My brain just didn’t respond the way everyone else’s did.  But then again, I derive tremendous ecstasy from meditation, without any enhancements.  There are some who meditate but nothing happens for them at all.  They can’t seem to reach that deep, peaceful state of surrender that I enjoy– a state of consciousness where the heart opens and a clear, universal energy is experienced.  Is that because they haven’t practiced meditation long enough or they haven’t found the right technique?  At one time I may have thought this but now I just see and appreciate that people are different.  They may reach ecstasy by being active or by being in the middle of a chaotic situation that’s intense and makes them feel alive.   People come to this earth to play different roles more varied than the colors in our rainbow.


What is it that allows us to accept the mysterious, ever-changing nature of our dreams?  In our waking life, we often get angry when things don’t go as planned.  But our dreams can be quite different. 

It seems that the rules of the astral dimension operate more like the quantum field.  Anything is possible, anything goes.  In the astral dimension, we observe many “nonsensical things”, but it isn’t until we wake up that we label them as nonsensical.  Why is that?  When we’re in the dream, we flow along, not really judging things as weird, but taking the Alice and Wonderland show as it is.  As if it’s supposed to be that way. 

I’ve read reports of people who have had near death experiences visiting the astral world.  People of “like vibration” are found in the same space.  A single group of people will more or less hold the same worldview, formed by their level of consciousness.  And in their world “strange” things happen, but they’re used to it.  Things like fresh food on a plate simply appearing.  Things like a cup of coffee simply being there.  Things like money being there whenever you need it, or the clerk not even asking you to pay for something.  Some of these places are very human like.  Very much like life on earth.  Others places are extremely surreal, like our dreams.   Salvador Dali surreal.  And there are people there doing very surreal things.  The astral dimensions are extremely vast and have lots of variety and possibility . . . even more so than all the different biological creatures on the physical plane. 

What do you think of this?  Are you easily able to accept the things that occur in your dreams?  Do you find yourself easily accepting its unpredictable nature?  Are you able to accept things in your waking life to the same degree?  Or do you find yourself getting upset over things in your waking life?  Do you wish things to be different from what they are? 

It seems there is an aspect of the soul that understands and accepts the mysterious workings of the astral dimension.  There is also a quality of flexibility and amnesia.  One flows from scene to scene without the mind holding onto any of it.  It’s like thinking, or a steam of consciousness . . . it simply flows along.  This brings flexibility and an easy acceptance of whatever surprise the scene in the dream conjures. 

The dream might seem “nonsensical” but there may be an order to it that the mind doesn’t understand yet.  It is surreal.  It is fantastic.  It can be breathtakingly beautiful.  But where did it come from?  Is it not clothed in pictures and thoughts from our waking life?  Sometimes, but not always. 

One thing I’ve noticed is I’m never bored in my dreams.  There’s always something going on.  There are always people around.  I’m always involved with something completely enthralling, whether I’m watching someone else or being the protagonist.  It’s so effortless and yet I don’t feel like I’m consciously doing or planning any of it.  I don’t feel responsible for any of it.  Some of the people who show up in my dreams are people I know from my waking life, but most of them are not.  The people feel so intimately connected to me–  like my brothers and sisters . . . as if I’ve ALWAYS known them.  But when I wake up, it’s like a soul mate that has no name.  I can’t place where or how I’ve known them. 

But if someone were to ask me directly in the dream how I know that person, I would have an immediate answer.  I seem to have access to deep knowledge at all times.  And while I’m in the dream I kind of take it for granted.  Things happen at lightning fast speeds. . . like talking to several souls simultaneously, through telepathy.  I know them all– I know how I know them.  But when I wake up most of the knowledge slips away in a matter of minutes if I don’t immediately write it all down. 

When I meditate, it changes the quality of my dreams.  I start to have more lucid dreams.  I’m aware that I am dreaming and so I feel happy I get to do whatever I want. 

It seems that greater awareness and mindfulness in the waking life brings more awareness to the dream life. 

I have met people who tell me they don’t dream in color.  I was absolutely shocked when I found out most people dream in black and white.  I couldn’t believe it, and I’m still somewhat skeptical.  I thought everyone dreamed in full vivid Technicolor. 

Does the vivid nature of ones dream have anything to do with being sensitive and impressionable in real life? 

The people I’ve spoken to who were blind since birth do not dream in images.  They have dreams that involve all of the other senses except eyesight.  However, I once gave a healing session to a blind man who was born with sight but became blind in his childhood.  And he still remembered some colors.  He could sometimes see streaks of color emerge in his mind.  He remembered what the color red looked like.  I think he also said he remembered blue. 

There is also the topic of nightmares.  I wonder if the fears people have in their waking life filter into the dream life.   If that is the case, the dreamer is not accepting of the unpredictable nightmare . . . he feels afraid and wants to get out of it as quickly as possible.  But I’ve also had nightmares turn into good dreams in a matter of seconds.  I don’t get monster nightmares anymore like I did when I was a little kid.  The closest thing I get these days is natural disasters and falling.  Like I’ll find myself very, very close to a tornado or tidal wave.  Or I’ll be on a swing or tight rope very high in the stratosphere.  But I’m not scared by these dreams the way I was absolutely terrified by monsters when I was little.  The swinging dreams have a tendency to turn into exhilaration.  I’ll find myself leaping from swing to swing way up in the mesosphere, and I’m afraid at first, but there’s also an exciting rush.  I’ll feel this rush deep inside my belly.  It feels as if the life force is finally unwinding itself from my form.  It feels like I’m freeing myself.  When I wake up I have a tendency to feel refreshed and bright.


I hope all is well as we move into the Spring months.  The following is a poem I wrote titled, "silver", published in StringTown.


the blue of dusk enters the bath; lilac water holds movement and a clean silhouette.  it extends 
an arm toward the faucet, like a hunter reaching for presence, while sweat adheres to the
soap.  the form does not want to engage an image deemed common by this water, nor does
it want the hyphen to siphon off the image, and although it seeks variation, what of severe
variation?  that would perhaps be an analogical push without color, too alien for the bath to
enjoy as entertainment

sounds have power 

It is now summertime and the sky is swollen with hot moisture.  
A thunderstorm scares my cat, who runs under the bed. 
It reminds me of the power of mantra, and how sound
exists within all things.  A maple tree emits a glow in the form of song. 
This song is filled with grace and harmony--
sung by a deva drenched in shine.
And yet, it is startling, even though it is soft. 
It is startling because it comes from deep within me,
as if my inner light is creating the music.
It seems this tree has always been aware of my spirit, speaking with
it telepathically, even when I did not notice.  Then, when I do notice,
a bright choir engulfs my senses, and all is suspended. 

A Magical Pause  

It's time to meditate, slow my breath, and observe my body as if it's a different person. Doing this is fun-- like tripping without the acid. It takes me on a journey of heightened perception. On a creative note, I'm waiting for some new tracks to be mastered... It's very exciting to see how they'll turn out!

Saying Goodbye with Grace 

My dearest brother recently passed away.  So unexpected.  He was a funny, compassionate person and I miss him to no end.  He was also talented in technology, music and business.  He spent his last days traveling Zanzibar and London while living life to the fullest.  He had an open heart and could read people very well. He also perceived frequency in a unique way-- for example, he could memorize any touch tone phone number, because it was like a song to him.  This contributed to his talents in electronic music.  He was also telepathic with numbers.  When he was alive he once thought of a 5 digit number and asked, "What number am I thinking?" 
I read his mind and said what it was.  Both of us were blown away!  I've been reading books about the afterlife; doing so calms me down.  I still talk to him.  When I speak to the angels, he is there.  He's told me some funny things, as if his personality's still in tact.  I know he has spirit guides with him. 

Grieving has a magnifying effect on my heart and senses.  I miss him so much that I cry every night and each morning.  Sometimes there are no tears, just a deep sadness of being left behind.  However, I'm comforted by the truth that everyone dies.  I'm not afraid of death because I feel it's liberating to leave the physical plane, but I also feel we should live life to the fullest when alive!  There's a lot of good even amidst the suffering-- everything seems to be a paradox.   

angel and faerie messages 

Messages from the Devas:

To some extent, every person is mirroring the thoughts of their era, as well as their surroundings.
You do not have to reflect back the denser energies.  Ask to merge with the faeries and devas of the earth.
Start the day off right by connecting with these sweet energies, that they may infuse your daily tasks.
Then the daily tasks are no more than a fun list.

Many people ask to see faeries-- everyone wants to see us!  However, you have the gift of being able to embody
the energy of the Fae and perceive as we perceive.  The faeries are in the now.  Everything is enchanted.
Senses are enhanced.  Shadows are given attention because they are gentle and hypnotic.
The natural faerie bard emerges and the inspiration from the muses creates words.  Creates poetry.
This divine inspiration is often lost in industry.  For it is riddled with goals other than the simple ones to enchant and inspire.
There is nothing wrong with competition, but when the honor is lost, when the chance for solidarity and love
are lost, it acts as a divisive force taken to the extreme.  However, if you can hold to the perception of the nature spirits
and radiate magic, abundance will come.  People crave and are drawn to the magick.  Hold it in you heart!

Many starseeds are incarnated devas from other star systems.  There are devas from Sirius who oversee
the walking, rootless plants.  You are a crystal person from Sirius, meaning, there is an aspect
of your soul that is still on this planet.  These energies are funneled onto the current earth,
and funneled into the sun inside the earth.  You live on a hollow planet-- some planets are hollow,
but not all.  The elfin race and Sidhe descendants live inside the hollow earth.  Many crystal people
are simply incarnated devas, which is why they connect with the wilderness so profoundly.

We encourage creativity!  Many are "young" to this earth, this planet, so everything
is new for them here.  Anything that can be said about a thing is often a limitation.
For example, see those "dead" tree branches outside?  That is life returned to the higher
dimensions-- there is life in death.