Saying Goodbye with Grace

My dearest brother recently passed away.  So unexpected.  He was a funny, compassionate person and I miss him to no end.  He was also talented in technology, music and business.  He spent his last days traveling Zanzibar and London while living life to the fullest.  He had an open heart and could read people very well. He also perceived frequency in a unique way-- for example, he could memorize any touch tone phone number, because it was like a song to him.  This contributed to his talents in electronic music.  He was also telepathic with numbers.  When he was alive he once thought of a 5 digit number and asked, "What number am I thinking?" 
I read his mind and said what it was.  Both of us were blown away!  I've been reading books about the afterlife; doing so calms me down.  I still talk to him.  When I speak to the angels, he is there.  He's told me some funny things, as if his personality's still in tact.  I know he has spirit guides with him. 

Grieving has a magnifying effect on my heart and senses.  I miss him so much that I cry every night and each morning.  Sometimes there are no tears, just a deep sadness of being left behind.  However, I'm comforted by the truth that everyone dies.  I'm not afraid of death because I feel it's liberating to leave the physical plane, but I also feel we should live life to the fullest when alive!  There's a lot of good even amidst the suffering-- everything seems to be a paradox.   

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