Our Story

Ostara Marie creates experimental music that displays the honest abandon of a genreless style.  Her sound entices with electronic beats, smoky hints of jazz, and futuristic prose. Ethereal vocals are used in myriad ways-- they tell stories, layer rich harmonies and repeat messages. She calls herself a synesthete because she feels colors emanating from people and music.  She is also a mystic who enjoys meditation and giving healing sessions. The time spent on consciousness development has unleashed a primal energy that is now being directed into the creation of music.  She holds the vision of a world populated with wise beings who emanate peace and compassion. So she says, "My music bridges this earth with a parallel earth where enlightened sainthood is the norm, and less than 0.1% of souls are violent. As this is not yet the case on this current earth, I need the music."

Being a Pisces from Seattle Washington, she lives on the outermost edge of the United States. Likewise, she often feels "on the edge", and does not easily blend into mainstream culture. 

Is there a new CD or EP coming out?  
Yes.  New music floats like a mirage in the distance.  Once one project is finished,
another emerges.  There is no end to creation.