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Ostara Marie received her bachelors from Amherst College in Comparative Religion.  
She then went on to receive an M.F.A. in creative writing at the University of Michigan.  
She feels that music is what bridges the two together, in her soul.  

Join host Ostara as she takes a journey through how art, spirit and music intersect in our culture and around the globe.
As a musician herself, she is often asked, "Are you a musician or a spiritual teacher," to which she replies, "Both!"

There is a fascinating process that occurs within the artist where inspiration elevates consciousness to new heights--
so much so, that the typical boundaries in conventional society begin to erode.  We often hear talented artists saying, "I am this but the record
label wants me to be that."  Or, "We're all human here, what's the big deal?"  Or, "I feel like I'm so much more than what the media 
portrays."  Or, "Why do I feel like people are trying to put me in a box?"

To some extent, there's no difference between the ecstatic heights reached in art, and the higher states of consciousness experienced
by the mystic who seeks to dissolve ego boundaries.  Can this be why spiritual and religious culture has become so linked
to song?  Or why the artist seeks to push the boundaries beyond what's acceptable or known?  Sometimes, the surrendered state
of creative flow brings a surprise.  This surprise is new, beautiful, and fresh, but if it's too original, how will it be perceived?    
This is what makes it both provocative and a bit scary.  Where did it come from?  

We live in a world of impermanence.  Religions evolve their definitions overtime.  Spiritual groups become divided over the 
interpretation of a few concepts, and new branches get created under new leadership.  Then, new ideologies are introduced and practiced.
Likewise, new organizations seek to revive the past by returning to ideas and ancient rituals that were once repressed.  

And in the artist, nothing is static.  The same process is witnessed as artists blend new with old.
Can that be one reason why the music industry is so exciting, and yet so challenging to navigate?  
Because the very process of creation is one that cannot be contained for long?  
And yet, humans try their best to define and make some sense of this mystery.  

Join host Ostara as she treads the magical, numinous arena connecting art, music, and spirituality.