This is the home of Ostara Marie, an artist who creates experimental soundscapes, electropop, and ambient music.


sounds have power 

It is now summertime and the sky is swollen with hot moisture.  
A thunderstorm scares my cat, who runs under the bed. 
It reminds me of the power of mantra, and how sound
exists within all things.  A maple tree emits a glow in the form of song. 
This song is filled with grace and harmony--
sung by a deva drenched in shine.
And yet, it is startling, even though it is soft. 
It is startling because it comes from deep within me,
as if my inner light is creating the music.
It seems this tree has always been aware of my spirit, speaking with
it telepathically, even when I did not notice.  Then, when I do notice,
a bright choir engulfs my senses, and all is suspended. 

A Magical Pause  

It's time to meditate, slow my breath, and observe my body as if it's a different person. Doing this is fun-- like tripping without the acid. It takes me on a journey of heightened perception. On a creative note, I'm waiting for some new tracks to be mastered... It's very exciting to see how they'll turn out!

Saying Goodbye with Grace 

My dearest brother recently passed away.  So unexpected.  He was a funny, compassionate person and I miss him to no end.  He was also talented in technology, music and business.  He spent his last days traveling Zanzibar and London while living life to the fullest.  He had an open heart and could read people very well. He also perceived frequency in a unique way-- for example, he could memorize any touch tone phone number, because it was like a song to him.  This contributed to his talents in electronic music.  He was also telepathic with numbers.  When he was alive he once thought of a 5 digit number and asked, "What number am I thinking?" 
I read his mind and said what it was.  Both of us were blown away!  I've been reading books about the afterlife; doing so calms me down.  I still talk to him.  When I speak to the angels, he is there.  He's told me some funny things, as if his personality's still in tact.  I know he has spirit guides with him. 

Grieving has a magnifying effect on my heart and senses.  I miss him so much that I cry every night and each morning.  Sometimes there are no tears, just a deep sadness of being left behind.  However, I'm comforted by the truth that everyone dies.  I'm not afraid of death because I feel it's liberating to leave the physical plane, but I also feel we should live life to the fullest when alive!  There's a lot of good even amidst the suffering-- everything seems to be a paradox.   

angel and faerie messages 

Messages from the Devas:

To some extent, every person is mirroring the thoughts of their era, as well as their surroundings.
You do not have to reflect back the denser energies.  Ask to merge with the faeries and devas of the earth.
Start the day off right by connecting with these sweet energies, that they may infuse your daily tasks.
Then the daily tasks are no more than a fun list.

Many people ask to see faeries-- everyone wants to see us!  However, you have the gift of being able to embody
the energy of the Fae and perceive as we perceive.  The faeries are in the now.  Everything is enchanted.
Senses are enhanced.  Shadows are given attention because they are gentle and hypnotic.
The natural faerie bard emerges and the inspiration from the muses creates words.  Creates poetry.
This divine inspiration is often lost in industry.  For it is riddled with goals other than the simple ones to enchant and inspire.
There is nothing wrong with competition, but when the honor is lost, when the chance for solidarity and love
are lost, it acts as a divisive force taken to the extreme.  However, if you can hold to the perception of the nature spirits
and radiate magic, abundance will come.  People crave and are drawn to the magick.  Hold it in you heart!

Many starseeds are incarnated devas from other star systems.  There are devas from Sirius who oversee
the walking, rootless plants.  You are a crystal person from Sirius, meaning, there is an aspect
of your soul that is still on this planet.  These energies are funneled onto the current earth,
and funneled into the sun inside the earth.  You live on a hollow planet-- some planets are hollow,
but not all.  The elfin race and Sidhe descendants live inside the hollow earth.  Many crystal people
are simply incarnated devas, which is why they connect with the wilderness so profoundly.

We encourage creativity!  Many are "young" to this earth, this planet, so everything
is new for them here.  Anything that can be said about a thing is often a limitation.
For example, see those "dead" tree branches outside?  That is life returned to the higher
dimensions-- there is life in death. 


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